Lindsay’s Gourmet Compound Butter

Lindsay’s Kitchen was started by Lindsay Rose after she discovered her passion for cooking. She found herself in the kitchen more frequently, and helped cater events for family and friends. The secret to making all of her recipes delicious is that she used her own homemade Gourmet Compound Butter logs! To create instant depth, richness and layers to boring dishes, Lindsay’s Kitchen Gourmet Compound Butters give your dishes the savory and sweet life they deserve! The 1/4+ lb  Butter logs are well known for being frozen for convenience and longevity. This allows any cook to easily take the Gourmet Compound Butter out of their freezer and use directly into any recipe!

Recognizable by their uniquely rustic outer package, Lindsay’s Kitchen Gourmet Compound Butters will stand out by their look, their ease of use and even more by their taste.

In 2015, Lindsay’s Kitchen Gourmet Compound Butter started to appear in the Niagara-on-the-Lake seasonal Farmers’ Market to share with the Niagara community.